Stonecrest Leadership was created from a passion to serve and lead others in their pursuit of becoming the best they are capable of becoming.  We work as trustworthy guides for you and your team on the journey of personal growth and professional development.

It is our desire to partner with leaders and their organization to facilitate growth in the process of developing health, productivity, and significance.  Through this process, proven assessments and strength inventories are used to assist you in reaching the vision and purpose for yourself and the team.

Scott has been leading, teaching, and coaching his entire career.  Most recently, he has utilized those passions and abilities within a career serving public education.  Scott was a successful high school football coach that went on to become a Certified Athletic Administrator leading an athletic program of the largest school district in his home state.

Scott draws from his years of experience to guide individuals on personal growth while building team cohesiveness and improving the overall health of an organization.  He partners with leaders to identify goals and direction for their teams as they stay focused on results and achievement through performance.

Scott lives in Eagle, Idaho with his wife, Paula and their four children.  He enjoys traveling and cheering his children on in their life’s endeavors.  He also serves on the board of directors for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Idaho.

StrengthsFinder top five strengths are: Relator, Maximizer, Adaptability, Connectedness, Positivity


Scott Stuart

Coach, Trainer, Speaker
Co-Founder of Stonecrest Leadership


Dan Reece

Coach, Trainer, Speaker
Co-Founder of Stonecrest Leadership

Dan is a rural California native transplanted to Idaho in July 2010 with his young family. He has spent the majority of his professional career in financial services as a financial advisor and operations manager. Well versed in sales and team building, he made a career transition to high school administration as well as a head high school football coach. He and his wife also own a successful business in which they lead and inspire thousands of people to break through their own limiting beliefs and pursue the lifelong journey of personal growth.

As a John Maxwell Team Certified coach, trainer and speaker he serves and guides clients on their team building, leadership and personal development journeys. His passion for personal development is contagious and he loves to discuss the things he is grateful for.

He and his wife, Becky, live in Meridian, Idaho where they raise their 3 daughters and their son. He extremely passionate about being the best dad on the Earth and enjoys coaching/watching/playing football, traveling and spending tons of time with his family.

StrengthsFinder top five strengths are: Ideation, Command, Responsibility, Futuristic and Learner

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